Statin Medications

The side-effects of statin medications are quite troublesome in nature as a result of which you can face greater discomfort. These medications are nothing but cholesterol-lowering drugs that are mainly taken for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. But excessive intake of these medicines might result into the occurrence of different side-effects.

Though there are many benefits of Statin Medications but you need to consider different side-effects as well. Heart attacks or heart strokes can be easily prevented by these drugs and this is why they are usually being prescribed by the doctors to patients having high cholesterol. If your cholesterol is too very high, then you got to continue the intake of these drugs as a result of which some adverse impacts might developed over the time.

Statin Medications

Therefore, it is better to have a control on cholesterol by means of natural ways like maintenance of diet, intake of nutritional or weight-loss supplements, doing exercises and many more. If you are willing to get a thorough info on the side-effects, then you can be guided by your doctor. The online based reviews can also be checked in this regard so that you can get proper details.

What are the leading side-effects of Statin medicines?

•    Muscles might get damaged and you might even develop pains within your muscles as a result of regular or excessive intake of Statin Medications. This is one of the commonest symptoms in this regard. Your muscles will get weak day by day as a result of which you will lose energy in moving your body parts. This can even reach to severe kind of health condition and thus it needs to be prevented on time. Rhabdomyolysis is quite a severe damage of muscle and it can be quite dangerous in future. If you are facing slight discomfort in your muscles then you must immediately inform about the same to your doctor so that necessary remedies can be gained. Many other body or organs or parts can get badly affected apart from muscles.

•    Liver damages also occur due to statin drugs as a result of which liver functionalities can be affected. Enzyme production can get stopped due to regular or consistent intake of these medicines. Though these troubles are quite mild, but you must not neglect the same otherwise serious issues might occur. There are certain specific symptoms or signs that need to be noticed carefully so that the liver issues can be easily detected without any trouble. Appetite loss, lower-abdomen pains, weakness or unusual fatigue, dark-colored urine and others are the major symptoms that can help you to detect liver troubles.

•    Digestive troubles might occur due to the intake of statin medicines and these troubles are really very pathetic. You might face trouble in normal stool passage and sometimes the trouble of constipation might also occur due to the same.

•    Flushing or rashes are also quite common these days. These rashes are really very much irritating and continue with the continuation of drug intake. You must take valuable suggestions from your doctor so that you can apply different useful medicated creams or lotions that can help you to get rid of unwanted rashes.

•    You might even face different kinds of neurological or nerve-related issues that are very much hectic in nature and can even take serious forms at times. This is the reason you must check out that whether statin medicines have got proper FDA certification or not otherwise the intensity of side-effects will go on increasing. If you are too aged, then you must maintain a fixed dosage of these drugs otherwise you might face the trouble of memory loss, fatigue, concentration loss, confusion in mind and other related ones. Alzheighmer’s disease or dementia can also occur due to these medicines. This disease can end up to dreadful consequences and thus it needs to be treated on proper time.

•    Increased blood-sugar can also be one of the most prominent troubles that occur due to statin drug consumption on a regular basis. This kind of condition is very much harmful as different organs get affected where blood is being supplied like brain, heart, lings, kidneys, liver and other organs.